The medical practice was first begun in 1959, when Joseph A. DiGiovanna D.O. and Eileen L. DiGiovanna D.O. moved from their internship town of Columbus, Ohio to 181 Willow Street in Massapequa Park, N.Y.  The medical practice was initially set up to provide quality and caring medical services utilizing Osteopathic principles and practices.

Around 1983, the medical practice was donated to the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM), and its location was moved to 9A Broadway in Massapequa.  There it was utilized to instruct third and fourth year Osteopathic medical students, interns and residents, as well as continue to provide the highest quality of medical care available to the surrounding community.  This also helped develop the tradition of teaching and promoting medical education.

Dr. Eileen L. DiGiovanna left the practice around that time to take on a full-time teaching position at NYCOM and retired in 2002 as Associate Dean of Student Affairs.  Dr. Joseph DiGiovanna administrated the college’s outreach center with its multitude of medical students and various other teaching instructors.  He also became Chairman of the Department of Family Practice at NYCOM.
In 1987, Dr. Joe (as he has always been lovingly called by his patients) left his position with NYCOM and returned to private family practice at the company’s initial location, 1035 Park Boulevard in Massapequa Park.

In 1988, Michael J. DiGiovanna D.O. joined Dr. Joe on a full-time basis, after completing his post-graduate training at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn.  In 1989, Joseph A. DiGiovanna & Michael J. DiGiovanna D.O., P.C. (the Company) was incorporated to provide a continuance of the quality medical care initiated by its founders.

The practice continued to expand when, in 1993, Geri E. DiGiovanna D.O. joined on a full-time basis after completing her post-graduate training at Massapequa General Hospital and Southside Hospital, in Bayshore.
The Company moved to its State-of-the-Art facility, the DiGiovanna Family Care Center (DFCC) at 1061 North Broadway in North Massapequa on March 1, 1999, where it continues its traditions today..
The founders of the Company then, and the DFCC now, have always sought to provide a close-knit environment under which our patients could receive quality, caring medical attention for any and all of their medical problems.  This continues to be carried out through utilization and application of Osteopathic principles and practices while emphasizing education and research.  What is Osteopathic medicine?  The following is taken from the American Osteopathic Association’s website

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